Morning Song
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I’ve always been one of those disgustingly happy morning people . . .

lyrics by Melissa L. Tatum
music by Berdene C. Foye
arranged by Wild Mercy
recorded by Wild Mercy
keyboard and vocals Debbie Gates
harp and vocals Jen Midkiff
guitar Barry Childs-Helton
bodhran and wing Sally Childs-Helton
recorded at Fellowship House Studio, McCordsville, IN
recording engineer Rick Hajduk

Here’s a preview sample of the song.

“Morning Song” started with a melody Dene sent me. I’m an optimist and a morning person, and the melody seemed to capture that joyful, yet contemplative mood with which I like to greet the day. 
I’m part of two music worlds – traditional Celtic music and filk (the folk music of the science fiction community).  I’ve been delighted to discover substantial overlap between the two worlds, and Wild Mercy is one of those bands that straddles both worlds. Sally, Barry, Jen, and Debbie are all wonderful musicians and delightful, giving people. Their joyful approach to music is contagious, and how can you not love a band whose website quotes Nietzche “Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

The lyrics:

Celebrate each new day; take a moment to find your way
By greeting the sun and greeting the sky; see the beauty that cannot be denied
Seek the joy, an end to strife; find the harmony in this life
From the birds and the bees to the flowers and trees
Nature shows us how things can be
We are one; Joined as one

CHORUS:One with the Earth, one with the Sky
Bound together, futures entwined
The road ahead shows us where we’ve been
The road behind shows us where we will be
Blessed Be

The power of air, the power of land; the power of each and every hand
Bring joy or pain, soothe or maim; bring this day a peace that we can claim
The power of rain, the power of fire; the powers of this world require
That we join together as life renews
Celebrate the sky’s changing hues
We are one; Joined as one