Let Us Not Forget
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In memory of those who fought and died…

lyrics by Melissa L. Tatum
music by Berdene C. Foye
arranged by Rick Ewing
vocals, guitar, snare, and highland bagpipes Rick Ewing
fiddle Jeff Smith
accordion Mary Hojem
recorded at Songsmith Records, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
recording engineer Jeff Smith

Here’s a preview sample of the song.

When Dene sent me this melody, I immediately fell in love with it, but writing lyrics for it proved difficult.  I started and discarded a half a dozen different songs.  Nothing seemed right, until I walked the battlefield at Culloden, and the words came gushing out.

As a member of a high school band in Texas, I spent many a Friday night marching in half time shows at football games. One of the bands in our division included Highland bagpipes, and I was fascinated with them. Twenty years later, I realized I was still fascinated and that I knew two people who taught lessons.  I started taking lessons and eventually joined the City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums. I realized how much I missed music, so I also hauled my old student flute out of the closet and started noodling with it again.  Rick Ewing’s encouragement and support played a critical role in my re-discovery of music.  This album wouldn’t exist without him, and I knew it would not be complete without him recording a track.

Rick Ewing is one of Oklahoma’s best kept musical secrets.  He is the Pipe Sargeant of the City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums (and pinch hits on the snare when the drum corps needs assistance), and he has sung and played guitar, bodhran, and whistles with several Oklahoma bands including All Strings Attached, Cavan, and Men in Skirts.

The lyrics:

One divided house cannot stand
Two halves draw a line in the sand
Three days of brother against brother at Gettysburg
Let us not forget

‘Forty four would be the turning year
Five beaches washed in blood and sweat and tears
The sixth of June will live in history
Let us not forget

The Seventh Coalition took the field
The eighteenth of June Napoleon would yield
Nine hours of carnage was the cost at Waterloo
Let us not forget

One two three they march side by side
Four five six who will live and die?

One hour to devastate the Jacobites
Two generations to pay the price
Three miles from Moray Firth Culloden rests
Let us not forget

Four long months trying to prevail
The cost of five miles at Passchendaele
Six months later Germans took it back
Let us not forget

They fought to make this world a better place
They died as heroes and they died disgraced
The battlefield is not the way to peace
We must find a better way

One two three they march side by side
Four five six who will live and die?
Seven eight nine they have crossed the line
Count the lessons we have learned

We must remember what happened here
They fought and died for a cause so dear
So many lives lost, it’s much too high a cost
We must remember those awful days
We must seek and find a better way
So many lost, it’s much too high a cost
Let us not forget
Let us not forget