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I’ve always been struck by the way objects embody memories . . .

lyrics by Melissa L. Tatum
music by Berdene C. Foye
arranged by Dene Foye
recorded by Dene Foye
vocals & guitar Dene Foye
cittern Rich Brotherton
recorded at Ace Recording, Austin, TX
recording engineer Rich Brotherton

Here’s a preview sample of the song.

Many of the songs Dene and I write have started with someone suggesting a word or phrase. When Dene and his siblings were cleaning out their mother’s house after her death, Dene mentioned he was doing fine until he walked into a room and for some reason, the sight of an ugly lamp knocked him for a loop. 
I met Dene in a song circle at a science fiction convention and our paths crossed again at the North Texas Irish Fest. A chance comment about being frustrated by my inability to compose music to accompany my lyrics led to us trying our hand at collaborating. After writing fifty songs in two years, we decided we worked very well together.

Dene Foye has been playing and composing music for longer than he cares to admit. He is currently a member of the group Ghost of a Rose, and also performs solo.

He is accompanied by Rich Brotherton, an outstanding musician and recording engineer, whose contributions to this Benefit CD were invaluable. In addition to recording and performing on Heirlooms, Rich’s work can also be found on Session Rules.

The lyrics:

How can such an ugly lamp bring me to my knees?
One glance was all it took … I’m awash in memories
I’m a panicked ten year old with a jar of Elmers glue
Playing baseball in the house was one of mom’s taboos

CHORUS: I didn’t grow up in this house, why are my childhood memories here?
All my hopes and dreams and all my foolish fears
Suspended like a bee in amber, frozen bits of time
Fossils of forgotten days gone by

A cheerful orange tiger now lives in the kitchen drawer
When I was five his belly shone its light across my floor
His job was bouncing, pouncing, trouncing monsters that appeared
He stood guard so I could sleep till the morning sun was here

Way back in the closet, behind mittens and a kite
I found our stash of fav’rite games, and thought of family night
I picked games of strategy like Battleship and Clue
My sister’s choice was games of chance like Cards or 42

Floating on the air, haunting every single room
I catch hints of lavender, mom’s favorite perfume
It’s the smell of joy and pain, of every hug from mom
My heart leaps then sinks as I remember that she’s gone