Garden Club
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my version of an angry bird . . .

lyrics by Melissa L. Tatum
music by Mary Crowell
arranged by Mary Crowell
recorded by Three Weird Sisters
vocals and piano Mary Crowell
vocals and bodhran Brenda Sutton
vocals and bass Teresa Powell
supplemental vocals, triangle, flute, and guitar Greg Robert
recorded and engineered by Greg Robert

Here’s a preview sample of the song.

Mary and I had so much fun collaborating on “Beoga, They Break Hearts,” that we had been looking for an opportunity to do it again. This CD was the perfect opportunity, and I set out to write lyrics that suited Three Weird Sisters and fit the theme of the CD. When I stepped back and looked at what was and wasn’t on the CD, I realized that one of my favorite types of traditional songs – the slyly humorous one – was missing. So I set out to write some sly humor, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether I succeeded.
I’m part of two music worlds – traditional Celtic music and filk (the folk music of the science fiction community).  I’ve been delighted to discover substantial overlap between the two worlds, and Three Weird Sisters are one of those bands that straddles both worlds. Brenda Sutton, Teresa Powell and Dr. Mary Crowell make up the current performing incarnation of the band Three Weird Sisters.  Founding member, Gwen Knighton, has wed the love of her life and is now living across the pond in London, England.

The members of the band are also near and dear to me, and they have played a pivotal role in my songwriting career.  Brenda and her husband Bill teach a great workshop on songwriting, which I have participated in several times, and Mary Crowell and I are partners in crime, as we collaborated on the tongue-in-cheek song “Beoga, They Break Hearts.” (check out the video on youtube!) Three Weird Sisters play the folk clubs, music fests, gatherings, and conventions near their home base of Atlanta, Georgia.  They’ve branched out with appearances as far away as Los Angeles, California, Salt Lake City, Utah,  and Columbus, Ohio as the Guests of Honor for OVFF 2001 (the Ohio Valley Filk Fest.), where they were recipients of a Pegasus Award for Best Performer. In 2005, they performed to an enthusiastic audience at the 63rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland.

The lyrics:

CHORUS: They’ve pruned and shaped and weeded, fertilized throughout the year
The Exhibition weekend has arrived; it’s finally here
The Central Midwest Garden Club’s public Garden Tour
This the thirteenth year won’t be like any one before

Working by the moon light, feathered wings hold garden shears
He’s plotted for so long, his day of vengeance finally here
Today the garden club will rue the day it blackballed him
He’ll show them tacky lower class, he always plays to win

The Jockeys’ house the first stop, green and lovely perfect lawn
It only takes one look to know it’s all gone very wrong
a labradoodle pees just like a racehorse in its prime
The yard’s now striped and spotted; oh, it really is a crime!

Next stop the shapely trees at Lady Dryad’s large estate
It features topiary within the labyrinth and maze
This year was quite a shock, instead of elephants and bears
There’s lots of naughty fairies showing off their derrieres

The tour’s crowning glory Heinrich Gugenhome’s backyard
The waterfall is lovely but his koi are the stars
today the pond is empty ‘cept for fishy skeletons
on the shore a pink flamingo wipes his beak and grins