Album Notes/Videos

To save trees and printing fees, we opted not to do a formal printed booklet with recording details and lyrics. We went instead with an electronic version of the album notes, which you can download here at no charge. Cath Album Notes

We are also releasing music videos which you can watch here or on our youtube channel

Love’s Vigil recorded by Tullamore

Barman’s Blessing recorded by The Mairtin de Cogain Project

Kilmainham recorded by Robbie O’Connell (with Aaron Jones and Claire Mann)

Painting the Seasons recorded by Beth and Jim Malcolm

Garden Club recorded by Three Weird Sisters

Let Us Not Forget recorded by Rick Ewing

Love’s Touch recorded by Aoife Clancy with Tadhg O Meachair, Matt Rolland, and Andrew Gabbert

The Village Green recorded by Puca

Heirlooms, recorded by Dene Foye (with Rich Brotherton)